Shine A Light in your City

A beautiful hanging globe installation

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The Light is a 4m illuminated globe wirelessly controllable to produce a display of light & film across its surface.

Songs Of The Light, Salisbury Cathedral

A Spectacular Attraction

A focal point for your surrounding community, THE LIGHT will increase footfall & bring your building to life!

THE LIGHT is a high impact art installation. At 4 metres wide, the globe fits both perfectly into large spaces and creates an unmissable attraction for visitors.

Inside the globe is a custom made light bulb containing over 80 metres of LED’s. The light from the globe not only creates a beautiful array of colour, but also illuminates it’s surrounding allowing visitors to appreciate your building in a new light.

The Light, Salisbury Spire Crossing

Using the different colours available as well as projections, the globe’s appearance can change over time ensuring that visitors who regularly visit will always have a different experience.

Salisbury Cathedral The Light

Shine a light in your community

Bring THE LIGHT to your city

Songs Of The Light, Salisbury Cathedral

Adaptable To Your Needs

Make THE LIGHT part of any occasion. Simply change the colour and film displayed on the surface of the globe with the touch of a button.

Light & Colour

Inside the globe are over 80 metres of LED’s. These illuminate the installation and are split into 32 individual sections which are controlled separately. This allows for different colours to be used on different parts of the globe.

Film & Projections

In addition, there is also space for 4 projectors inside the globe. These are individual controllable allowing for different film to be played on each side of the globe.

The projectors can be angled remotely for the best viewing angle. Film clips can also be uploaded while the globe is installed meaning that the content can be changed.

Projections in The Light Installation

With this wide range of options, the globe can be used to adapt to various different scenarios. It’s easy to create a gentle pulse of light to relax visitors, project your business logo up as the centrepiece to your next corporate gala event, or create an eye-catching display of colour to inspire your audience.

Songs Of The Light at Salisbury Cathedral

All of the LED’s and Projectors are controllable wirelessly by the standard lighting protocol DMX. This means that the globe can be synchronised with other lighting & music to create a single immersive display.

However you imagine the globe being used, we’ll be on hand to help.

Shine a light in your community

Bring THE LIGHT to your city

One City, One Light has been to following venues...

Songs Of The Light, Salisbury Cathedral

"A Beacon of Hope"

Following the Skripal poisonings, THE LIGHT was a focal reflection point for Salisbury. Dubbed by Sky News "a beacon of hope"...

The installation in Salisbury Cathedral lasted from November 2018 to January 2019. During that time, the globe transitioned from Advent Blue to a Golden Christmas Star with a projected Star of Bethlehem.

The Light, Salisbury Cathedral Instagram

The installation also changed colour to fit appropriately with the wide variety of services and events in the cathedral, including...

  • Songs Of Praise Live TV Broadcast
  • 3x 'Darkness To Light' Services
  • Christingle Service
  • Midnight Mass
  • Christmas Eve Family Carol Service
  • Carols By Candlelight
  • G4 concert
  • Various late night Cathedral openings
  • Songs Of The Light

Social Impact

The project was part of Salisbury's Darkness To Light illuminations as part of an attempt to move forward following the Novichok poisonings.

The project was featured in all major national news outlets and was dubbed a "beacon of hope" by Sky News.

Watch lead artist Richard McLester interviewed live on Sky News here:

Shine a light in your community

Bring THE LIGHT to your city

Songs Of The Light, Salisbury Cathedral

"Darkness To Light"

In Romsey the globe focused on highlighting issues surrounding Mental Health.

The installation in Romsey Abbey lasted for five weeks from January 2017 to February 2017. During that time, the globe was used for the various services and events in the Abbey.

The theme that the Abbey were looking to promote was Mental Health. As a result, a lot of work was done around the theme of Darkness to Light including production of short films highlighting specific issues.

Local charity Triangulate organised an evening in partnership with the NHS where business owners from across the south of England were invited to view films projected onto the globe.

To launch the installation, Songs Of The Light included over 250 local singers who performed underneath the globe with artist Richard McLester.

Shine a light in your community

Bring THE LIGHT to your city

Songs Of The Light, Salisbury Cathedral

"A Christmas Light"

In Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre, Dorset, THE LIGHT was the chance to bring the arts out into the community.

In November 2015, The Light was installed in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre for 12 weeks.

The project saw the creation of a community choir put together especially for the launch concert, a performance of Songs Of The Light under the globe in the Shopping Centre.

The project also featured a series of filmed interviews aimed at exploring the themes of Journeys and Light. The interviewees included a wide variety of children, students and a cross section of the general public who passed through the Shopping Centre.

Shine a light in your community

Bring THE LIGHT to your city


It takes us 1 day to install the globe. If there is no hoist already in place, we ask for 1 additional day to install an electric hoist. This can be done well in advance of the installation date if required.

Yes. We don’t expect the host venue to provide any equipment for us, including hoist and rigging. All of equipment has been certified and rated.

We only need one 13A socket to power everything. At full power, the globe only needs the same power as a small hairdryer. A power ratings & method of work document will be provided on request before we install.

Not a problem! We have an IPAF trained engineer on board.

Yes absolutely! We love for the globe to be used for as many different scenarios as possible. After installation, we’ll provide you with access to a simple to use control panel. You can then control all aspects of the globe at just the touch of a button…

Yes. All of the elements can be set to specific timings - so we can set the globe to go off overnight and come on in the morning. We can be really specific and set different events to happen at certain times of the day as well.

Yes. We can easily provide lightweight equipment to power as many projectors as you like, all linked using the same system that controls the globe. Just let us know what you are thinking!

Yes absolutely. The globe is controlled by standard lighting DMX protocol. Your lighting engineer can either trigger the globe from their own lighting console or use our software that we provide.

The globe will stay hanging for as long as you need. Previous installations has lasted up to 3 months…

Yes. We can remotely upload files onto the projectors so that you can make creative decisions late in the process.

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